Omnia Instrument Microphone - Heart Sound


Omnia Instrument Microphone - Heart Sound


The Omni microphone is handmade in Italy at the Heart Sound factory situated in Verona. It is invented by Roberto Fontanot and Johannes Möller has used this product since it was developed. It is currently the only contact microphone in the world using an accelerometer sensor which gives it a tremendous responsiveness to dynamic touch and sound colour. Purchasing this product through the Johannes Möller webshop we include a special “stick on” material that is very strong and will not leave any mark or damage the french polish on your guitar.

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The modern musician, evolved into a new type of artist, is continually having to cover different roles in order to breathe life into new creations. What was previously under the sway of sound engineers and producers and accessible to very few, is now within everyone’s reach. For this reason, we decided to develop a product, on a par with the best microphones, capable of excellently amplifying a large number of classical and acoustic instruments, which was, at the same time, both comfortable and discrete once applied to the instrument.

It is called the Omnia and is the first contact microphone to use an accelerometer sensor.


When recording you will not experience the usual problems stemming from the environment in which you play, nor will you experience background noise interference. When playing live, you will not have feedback problems or undesirable interference from the stage and all of this will be maximum quality. Omnia has also proved to be very useful when learning to play an instrument, as thanks to its accuracy, it will enable you to evaluate your technique in much greater detail. In this way, you will have an additional means to help you to improve your performance.


The first accelerometer sensor for the amplification of instruments, which, after various different tests, we understood to be capable of being the ideal alternative to the current systems. A new approach capable of increasing the sound performance, whilst reducing all of the problems that affect the technologies currently in use. You are therefore getting the features of a microphone without all the associated problems.