Johannes Möller:

“I have had a passion for guitar since I was 10 years old. Although playing and composing for the guitar is my main path I have a great interest in guitar construction. Having constantly searched for the optimal instrument I have learnt that each guitar is unique, Over the years, I myself according to my artistic and aesthetic goals have developed my preferences and theories. I have had the pleasure of owning over 40 concert guitars and have tried hundreds of top level guitars and historical guitars. In particular I learnt so much from closer collaborations with luthiers like Greg Byers, Boguslaw Teryks, Kenny Hill and my good friend who is no longer with us Alex “Alejandro” van der Hortst. However it was since last year when I started Guizhou Moller Cultural Development Company Ltd. that I for the first time could start producing my own guitars. I have been working together with master luthier and guitarist Yu QingPing just like me operates out of Zheng’An (The Guitar City). With Mr. Yu I have a great balance between the power of the modern building techniques and the tonal beauties coming from traditional proportions and wood quality and treatment.” 

The Möller Guitar Model S (Numbered)

No. 1 - The War Horse

The first Möller-Guitar that Johannes named “The War Horse” for it’s powerful and beautiful sound and incredible playability. It is a cedar double-top (nomex)with a light lattice bracing. It is currently Johannes’ personal concert instrument and in 2019 two CDs will be released with recordings using this guitar.

No. 2 - “The Pearl Lioness” For Sale EUR 6300

This is a spruce double-top (nomex) with a light lattice bracing. Backs and sides are made from Madagascar rosewood. Johannes named this guitar “The Pearl lioness” because of its unique sound and feel. He describes it as following: The tone is rich and has fantastic balance between attack and sustain that I refer to as “pearl-like”. The instrument carries power, it is highly responsive to touch and colour. As well as being gracious and refined as a cat animal it also has a growl to it. Like a Lioness its innate power has authority and shows temperament.