Guitar recital
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Johannes Möller — Guitar recital
Release date : May. 01, 2011
Label : Naxos
  1. Barrios: Un Sueno en la Floresta
  2. Craeyvanger: Introduction and Variations on the theme of Der Freischutz, Op. 3
  3. Villa-Lobos: 12 Etudes: No. 7. Tres anime
  4. Villa-Lobos: 12 Etudes: No. 9. Des Ornaments: Un peu anime
  5. Villa-Lobos: Guitar Concerto: II. Cadenza
  6. Villa-Lobos: 12 Etudes: No. 12. Un peu anime
  7. Gougeon: Lamento-Scherzo
  8. Regondi: Reverie nocturne, Op. 19
  9. Brouwer: Guitar Sonata: I. Fandangos y Boleros
  10. Brouwer: Guitar Sonata: II. Sarabanda de Scriabin
  11. Brouwer: Guitar Sonata: III. La Toccata de Pasquini
  12. Möller: Poem to a Distant Fire

The musical selection on this disc is a fascinating compound of romanticism, modernism and the expressive sensibilities of contemporary composers, including Swedish guitarist Johannes Möller himself. He has captivated audiences throughout the world with charismatic and soulful performances, achieving ‘miracles with his lucid, spacious playing’ (London Evening Standard). His ability to communicate a musical message to listeners of any cultural background, age or level of musical experience has brought him an international career and numerous prestigious prizes.

Works by:
Barrios, Craeyvanger, Regondi, Villa-Lobos, Gougeon, Brouwer, Möller