solo recitals

Hearing Johannes Möller in a live performance is a unique experience praised by audiences and press alike. His solo recitals features his own unique and atmospheric compositions contrasted by some of the most loved “classical guitar” repertoire.

“…a solo affair saturated with serenely sweet sounds that could soothe any a raging King Saul within.”
The Spec, Hamilton, Cananda, 2011



Johannes Moller concert

Johannes Möller made his debut as a concerto soloist when he on very short notice made a “stand in” for DG recording artist Göran Söllscher together with Norrköpings Symphony Orchestra in 2008. Most recent Johannes toured with Norbottens Chamber Orchestra earlier this year performing Leo Brouwer’s Concierto Elegiaco conducted by Mats Rondin. Johannes performance was described by the press in the following way:

“Johannes Möller is not only a guitarist with a brilliant technique. He has something more. A charisma which transforms him to something more than just a man with his instrument. Listen to the solo introduction in Leo Brouwer’s Concierto Elegiaco for guitar, strings and percussion. The Cuban origin permeates this delicious work. Möller is magnificent with his shimmering guitar playing. It is breathtaking, devotional and masterful.”
Norrländska Socialdemokraten